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PU 3500

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One of the best and most economical ways to improve performance is to replace factory rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings. The perfect hardness of polyurethane bushings provides for quick and precise control. Factory rubber bushings are soft and give under load, causing the steering and suspension components to bind. Polyurethane bushings are free floating and non-binding which allows the suspension to work more smoothly. Below are some examples of what we mean

PU 1960-1975 GM 4WD Torque Grommets$20.15
PU 1967-1987 GM Rear 1-3/8" Frame Shackle Bushings$15.10
PU 1973-1980 GM 4WD Front 1-1/16" Sway Bar Bushings$37.84
PU 1981-1987 GM Std Cab Body Mounts$82.48
PU 1988-1998 GM 4WD Control Arm Bushings$55.51
PU 1988-2004 GM 2WD 5L/5.7L/7.4L Motor Mounts$131.53
PU 1988-2004 GM 4WD 5L/5.7L/7.4L Motor Mounts$131.50
PU 1992-1999 GM 4WD Front 5/8" Sway Bar Bushings$40.36
PU 3500 1981-1987 GM 4WD Crew Cab (w/ Stock Springs) Super Kit$189.42
PU 3500 1988-1998 GM 2WD Crew Cab Super Kit$210.47
PU 3500 1992-1998 GM 2WD Std Cab Body Mounts$82.05