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Testimonials with Pics!

Want to thank Matt Hornback and everybody who worked on my truck.
Drove down from Winnipeg, Canada last month and my trucks ride is great and handles fantastic, GREAT JOB GUYS, GREAT SERVICE. Attached finished product.

Regards Bob Lorbergs

I wanted thank you all so very much for all your help in ordering my 6" Tuff Country Lift for my Hummer H3 it looks Awesome and I love it so much! Not many people have lifted H3s around here where I live and I am proud to say that I was one of the first ones and hte only girl that has a lifted H3. It turns many heads and gets A LOT of compliments. When people ask where I got the lift I always tell them that I got it thru ya'll. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your knowledge and friendlinesss!

-Tricia Bloom

Hi, I just want to say that it's nice to see a company dedicate more than a page (in their catalog) to the ford rangers, I purchased my Six inch lift from you guys and it hasn't let me down yet. Its great to see you offer parts separate from the kits too, in case of damage. I've looked all over for specific parts and you guys are the only ones to have it. I plan on buying the extended radius arm package from Jack-It it's the only price I've seen that I like. Don't sell out of those anytime soon. Thanks.

-Amit Patel

I just wanted to let you guys know that the carriage bearing shims worked awesome. What a difference no vibration at all. For the $30 and about 1/2 hour of my time. I had my lift kit installed and everyone I talked to said I needed to buy a $400 set of traction ladder bars to stop the vibration. I did a search on vibration and came to your website and received the answers I needed. THANK YOU!!! I will tell all about your website."

-Shawn Moss


I just wanted to say thanks for the great service I received when I purchased my lift kit for my Nissan Frontier. The staff was knowledgeable and very friendly. They told me everything I needed to know and I'm very please to have purchased my kit from Jack-It. You can bet that I'll be back for my other off road need.

-Al Marleau

Dear Jack-It, Crew

I Recently had you Install a SkyJacker 6" Lift kit on my 2001 Superduty Crew Cab. I just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the work your crew did, they did a great job. I have a lot of people asking me what type of lift do I have on (my) truck, and I tell them Skyjacker. I've had nothing but complements on the looks of this truck. I have also told them that your crew does a great job on Installation. Keep up the good Work. I've included a photo of my truck to add to your web site, if it can be added great, I think this will help other people on there decision on which lift to get. The pictures shows the truck with 37" BF-Goodrich GS on weld wheels.

Doug V. Gatherum

Dear Jack-It,

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the work you did in locating products for my 1996 Ford F350. I think you went the extra mile in your service and product.

Thanks  to your products my truck won first place in 4X4 full-size at the A. R. C. car show! The truck gets lots of attention, and when anybody asks I am quick to give credit where credit is due, and that is to you and Jack-it.

Thank you,
Andy Arnn 


I just wanted to say thank you for sending the stickers. I have had my leveling kit on my superduty for about a week now-- I have to say it is working out great. If I ever need any more suspension parts for my superduty I will come back to you guys for it all. I'm sending you a pic of my truck after (I) put the leveling kit and my new 35" pro-comp tire on it. Thanks again for all your help and stickers.

-Bruce Hamlett

Dear Jack-It,

I currently own a 1984 4wd Toyota pickup that I have been working on for about 2 years. My truck stays in the garage and will continue to be there until I feel it's complete. My goal is to eventually turn it into a show quality truck. I replaced about everything mechanical on the truck. I'm in the process of lifting it now. I recently purchased a 2" body lift through your company. The reason I chose your company was for the simple fact that you offer complete kits and excellent technical support, unlike many other companies. I only found one other company that beat your price on the body-lift, but it wasn't by much. I still chose the kit from Jack-it Accessories, because I'm so impressed with the way Jack-it operates. I am very uneducated when it comes to lifting a truck and doing it correctly. When I would call and talk to your technicians they were very polite and explained everything for me. No matter how many questions were asked by myself, they were all answered in a very polite and patient manner.

In the process of installing the body-lift I broke one of the radiator drop brackets. I called Jack-it and another one was sent out to me at no cost. This is one of the many times Jack-it has been there to support me in the construction of my truck. It is very comforting to know that your company is there when needed. My next step is a suspension kit. I go to school full time and work, so time and funds slow my progress down on my truck. So I do a little bit of work at a time. I have already begun pestering your technicians with technical advice on the suspension kit, and no matter how many times I call your staff they've been very polite and courteous. Your company has me sold and I will never take my business elsewhere. Many of my friends own 4wd's and whenever possible I spread your name to them. I can't thank Jack-it enough for your support. Keep up the good work Jack-it!!!

-Mark Drollinger



Other Customer Responses

"Anyone interested in installing a leveling kit on a Ford Superduty  should skip all the research and head straight to Jackit.  The big  tire company chains offer poor quality kits.  Ford dealerships in  Salt Lake also offer a similar but lesser quality kit for nearly  $200.00 more.  I have looked at many other companies online and I  couldn't find anything for the quality or price Jackit offers.
I will send a pic of my new lift soon. Thanks."
-Anthony Haun

St. George utah

"Thank you for the information. you guys provide great service at a great price and i and others will definetly be ordering plenty more from this website."
-Albert A.

"Just wanted to thank you for your ease of purchase. I originally went to suspension connection for the body lift kit, but after 5 tries of trying to give it special numbers off my debit card I gave up and purchased it from you. I found your suspension kit to be the least expensive so purchased that, and then after the hassle with your competitor, came back for the body lift. I spent a few dollars more, but at least I was able to get what I wanted , WHEN I wanted. Thanks again and have a nice holiday Jennifer."
-Richard Stouff

"...The Carriage Bearing shims worked awesome. What a difference no vibration at all. For the $30 dollars and about 1/2 hr of my time. I had my lift kit installed and everyone I talked to said I needed to buy 400 dollar set of traction ladder bars to stop the vibration. I did a search on vibration and came to your website and received hte answers I needed. Thank You!!!!! I will tell all about your website."
-Shawn M

"I normally like to do all the work on my Jeep myself that I can. But the two times I've had you do small welding jobs the price was good and the quality of the job was excellent. So it's no surprise that I came to you guys with my exhaust problem.
"The power I gained from the high flow cat and Flowmaster muffler more than made up for the extra 480 lbs of steel I've thrown onto my Jeep. And you did a perfect job routing the tailpipe aroung the fuel tank skid.
"Jack-It will always be my first choice for any job I don't want to tackle myself."
-John North

"...thank you guys for the work you did. Especially covering my hubs under warranty even though it was another shop that screwed them up. Service like that is greatly appreciated and is what keeps me a loyal customer..."
-Scott M

"Thank you for your rapid (email) reply. Your prices are the best nationally!...You guys are the best!"

" Thank you for your timely response...You have the best service for truck stuff on the Internet. I shopped around for my suspension lift kit and you gave me the answers I needed. Then just last week I shopped around for the body lift and again your the best! You guys even had the answers to my questions when I got confused on my suspension lift. I have told my group of friends that are getting ready to get their first 4x4's about your outstanding service."
-Erik S.

"I just want to say that I'm very impressed with the components, and the finished product. I recently purchased the kit for my 94 Toyota, and after getting the parts, it's done, and looks great!!!! Thank ya'll very much."
-Dean M.

"I have a 2002 F-250 diesel crew cab. I am currently doing research into lift options. I've seen your logo in 4x4 magazines for years, but I just wanted to let you know that your Web site is outstanding. When I finally decide what I want to do, I'm ordering from you."
-Robert S.



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