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FMVSS 126 Compliant

You may have noticed manufacturers everywhere are coming out with suspension products that are compliant with FMVSS 126. We're here to tell you what it means.

The federal government created the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) 126 is designed to test the effectiveness of the electronic stability control systems that is now required on vehicles manufactured with GVMR under 10,000 pounds. Electronic stability control is an electronic system that helps bring a vehicle back under control in the unfortunate times that control is lost. After August of 2012, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) became federally mandated on the vehicles under 10,000 pounds. A year later the requirements were then applied to aftermarket products to ensure that the ESC systems meet the minimum requirements set by the test.

If the ESC successfully counters these maneuvers, and brings the vehicle back under control with the aftermarket product installed, then it meets the federal requirements. The tests are very complex and aftermarket manufacturers whose products affect various aspects of the vehicle, such as ride height, have to make sure it doesn't interfere with any of the ESC sensors. Not only do they have to fit it for each vehicle, but each model also has to be tested with the products installed in order to be compliant. This doesn't only apply to the lift kits, it also applies to ball joints, air bags, leaf springs, and many other parts.