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Steering Corrections

Is your lifted vehicle not handling well? You may need to correct the steering with a drop pitman arm, steering arm or adjustable drag link. These components can improve handling, reduce bump steer and increase turning radius 

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When a truck is lifted above the manufacturers factory height, the steering geometry is changed. Depending on your truck and how high it is lifted, the angles of the steering components can be affected enough to cause steering problems and prematurely wear out steering components. Steering problems include "bump steer", poor "memory steer", "Death Wobble" and "reduced turning radius."

Bump Steer: If the steering angles are not proper, the energy caused by a tire going over a bump or hole will be transferred through the steering system to the steering wheel--where you will feel a ''bump''. This can be dangerous-especially in emergency situations.

Memory Steer: When you turn your wheel and then release, the wheel should go back to center pretty much on its own. If the steering angles are not geometrically correct, the wheels can tend to stick in the turned position. This can be dangerous-especially in emergency situations.

Reduced Turning Radius: This is another problem caused when steering components are not properly aligned-you will not be able to make as sharp of turns as you did prior to installing your lift. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems...unfortunately, each make and model is different and what works for one may not work for another. You may need a drop pitman arm, or a raised steering arm, you may need a combination of a drop pitman and an adjustable drag link, or a raised steering arm and adjustable drag link. The links on this page will help you determine what your vehicle will need. The steering components we sell are heavy duty, forged and heat treated with correct taper of mounting holes to allow for simple and secure installation.