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Air Lift Air Compressor Systems

Air Lift offers a wide array of air compressor systems to control the air pressure of air springs from inside your vehicle, remotely with a wireless fob or phone app.

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    Types of Air Compressor Systems

    Air Lift's air compressor systems offer many options to fit the driver's needs and budget best. Below are the primary differences you will find in these kits. 

    Ways to Control Air Pressure


    The most popular type of air compressor system is the wireless design. These kits include a wireless controller/fob or phone app that can be used from inside or outside your vehicle to inflate or deflate your vehicle's air springs. Both the fob and phone app show the current PSI and allow for adjustment with the push of a button. Installation is simplified because you do not need to run electrical wiring or air lines into your vehicle's cab.

    In-Cab Switch & Gauge:

    An analog switch and gauge is a more traditional approach for managing the air pressure in suspension air springs. Air Lift offers these in a few different configurations: a switch and gauge within a mounting bracket or a pod-style gauge with adjustment buttons. These require electrical wiring, and air lines run into the cab during installation.

    Compressor Types

    Standard Duty:

    For SUV, 1/2 ton truck, and mid-size truck owners, a standard duty compressor will handle the job very well. Air Lift standard duty compressor housings are built from durable plastic. Inflation rates are fair, good for drivers not inflating and deflating the air springs frequently.

    Heavy Duty:

    3/4-ton and 1-ton truck owners, along with drivers that frequently tow or haul, will want to upgrade to a heavy-duty air compressor. These are built from metal for better durability and lifespan. Higher inflation rates and duty cycles translate into quicker air pressure adjustments. This is especially noticeable on heavy-duty trucks towing large 5th-wheel or utility trailers.

    What is Single and Dual Path?

    All Air Lift air systems are configured as a single or dual path. This refers to how many air lines are controlled independently from each other. 

    A single path air system will send the same amount of air pressure to all air springs. For most drivers, this method is a good fit.

    Dual path air systems have two air paths (lines) that can be controlled independently. This is helpful in two scenarios: 

    1. Each path is connected to a driver and passenger side air spring. If your load is heavier on one side, you can increase or decrease air pressure to either air spring to compensate for an uneven load.
    2. A small number of suspension air spring applications are offered for the front and rear of the vehicles. In these cases, a dual path air system can independently control the front and rear air springs.

    Air Tank Upgrade

    Air Lift offers air systems that include an auxiliary air tank. These tanks can be very useful to certain drivers. The tank is designed to store air for rapid inflation of air springs but also allows you to adjust tire pressure or fill air toys using the included auxiliary air line with the Easy-Connect air tank adaptor.

    Mounting Bracket

    EZ Mount compressor brackets are an option for some Air Lift wireless air compress systems. These come pre-assembled with the air compressor and manifold installed in a single easy-to-mount unit. This all-in-one unit makes installation much more straightforward and is worth the added cost.