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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your information:
Jack-It, Inc. respects your privacy. When you interact with us, we may collect personal information that is required for you to receive your order and to keep informed on your order status. This information will include things such as your name, address, email address and phone number. All Credit Card information is encrypted in our order system and we are PCI compliant. No Credit Card information is stored on our website.

When you interact with Jack-It, we use a cookie, a small data file, that is transferred to your PC to make your viewing experiences faster. Cookies are used by thousands of web sites.

Sharing Information:
The only parties that will see your information will be involved in the delivering and buying process. Obviously to have a safe and secure transaction, we use a very reputable company when dealing with orders. Your other information will be stored to quicken your buying process. Obviously the Delivery company will receive your address so that you can receive your product.

We do not sell your information, or hand it out to other companies. This is against not only our policies but our ethics as a company. We do not approve of such business practices and we respect your privacy.

Your testimonials, reviews, tags and opinions, help other customers like yourself find what they need. They are publicly accessed, which is kind of the whole point of reviews, to let your voice be heard. We support testimonials but would like to remind you they are publicly seen. These are all optional.

We may also recommend products that we have deemed essential or would be a great upgrade for the product you’re viewing. Based on others searches, you may see other products that people have bought with the product, or instead of, the product you’re viewing. These are all anonymous.

How to access your information:
When making a purchase you can register to save time with us for future convenience, or you can check out as a guest. If you checkout as a guest, no information is stored and you will have to reenter everything for future purchases. You will not be able to access your information because as a guest we do not store any.

 If you are a registered customer, you can click on My Account in the upper right corner. There you can see all the information stored in our system. You can also edit, add or remove any information in that area as well.

If at anytime for any reason you want all of your customer information deleted, please email our Marketing Director.

Links to other sites:
We are not affiliated to the websites we link to. We link to them because they are relative to what we sell here and think that some customers might be interested in what they have to offer. Just because we don’t carry it, doesn’t mean we can’t help you find who does. None of your personal private information is transferred from our site to there’s at anytime.

Privacy Policy Changes:
This privacy policy was created for our new website on 05/12/11. Check back here for any changes and additions that this policy may take on as Jack-It, Inc. changes and grows.