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Here in our Bargain Basement Shocks section, you can find bargains on all kinds of clearance parts!

If you are looking at an item, get it while you can because it is gone for good once it's out of stock! We are continuously adding new product to this discounted section of our site, so make sure to keep checking back for added deals.

21.5" Extended Superlift Shock$28.64
29" Extended Rock Krawler Shock$32.75
4Runner 1990-1995 Toyota Hydro Shock$27.44
4Runner/PU 1980-1985 Toyota Front Trailmaster SSV Shock$36.52
4Runner/PU 1986-1995 Toyota Hydro Shock$27.44
6" 2009 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Dsl 4WD Kit w/ Superride Shocks$894.99
Aerostar 1986-1997 Ford RS5154 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$31.42
AK7110S04 7100 Series Shock$106.58
Armada 2005-2008 Nissan Rancho RSX Shock$39.43
Bilstein 7100 Series Race Shock$143.33
CJ 1976-1986 Jeep Front Shock Hoop Kit$149.99
CJ/Scrambler 1976-1986 Jeep w/ 3-4" Lift Trailmaster SSV Shock$36.52
CJ/Wagoneer 1953-1989 Jeep Trailmaster Invader SS Shock$27.35
Colorado/Canyon 2004-2013 GM Hydro Shock$27.44
Dakota/Explorer 1987-1996 Dodge/Ford Hydro Shock$27.44
Dirt Logic 2.25 Shock w/ Resi$230.54
Dirt Logic 2.25 Shock w/o Resi$174.32
Dirt Logic 2.25 Shock w/o Resi$174.32
Dirt Logic 2.25 Shock w/o Resi$174.32
Dodge/Ford 2003-2006 Superide Shock Absorber$35.99
Explorer 1991-1994 Ford Front Trailmaster Invader SS Shock$27.35
F150 1997-2003 Ford 2WD w/ 4-5" Lift Rear Aftermarket Shock$47.25
F150 1997-2004 Ford Front 4" 5100 Series Shock$60.19
F150 2004-2008 Ford Aluminum Shock Shaft Connector and Lower Shock Pedestal$29.99
F2/350 1999-2004 Ford Stock Rancho RSX Shock$38.05
F2/350 1999-2013 Ford 4WD w/ 8-10" Lift Dirt Logic 4.0 Shock$744.11
F2/350 2005-2008 Ford Stock Rancho RSX Shock$36.45
F250/350 1999-2013 Ford 4WD w/ 6" Lift Dirt Logic 4.0 Shock$744.11
F350 1979 Ford Steering Stabilizer$36.09
Ford/Jeep Nitro Shock$27.69
Ford/Jeep/Toyota 1966-1995 Hydro Shock$27.44
Ford/Jeep/Toyota Nitro Shock$32.64
GM/Dodge 1973-1991 Front Stock Bilstein B6 HD Shock$44.21
GM/Dodge 1994-2010 Trailmaster Shock$36.52
GM/Dodge/Hummer 2003-2010 Hydro Shock$27.44
H7012 Hydro Shock$27.44
H7054 Hydro Shock$27.44
Jeep 1984-2006 Nitro Shock$31.39
K10/K1500/V10 1982-1984 GMC Dual Shock Mounting Bracket$52.74
MJ/XJ//YJ/ZJ 1984-2006 Jeep Hydro Shock$27.44
Montero 2000-2001 Mitsubishi Front Stock Heavy Duty Shock$55.13
N8012 Nitro Shock$31.39
Pathfinder 1996-1998 Nissan KYB Gas-a-Just Shock$54.14
Pathfinder 2001-1998 Nissan Stock Drivers Rancho RSX Shock$59.14
Pathfinder 2001-1998 Nissan Stock Passengers Rancho RSX Shock$59.14
PU 1985-1997 Nissan KYB MonoMax Shock$44.91
PU 1988-2000 GM Trailmaster Shock$36.52
PU/SUV 1500 1999-2006 GM Stock Rancho RSX Shock$38.05
PU/SUV 1956-2005 Nitro Shock$32.64
PU/SUV 1967-1991 GM Nitro Shock$32.64
PU/SUV 1967-1991 GM Nitro Shock$32.64
PU/SUV 1969-1991 GM Front Trailmaster SSV Shock$36.52
PU/SUV 1970-1991 GM Front Explorer ES1000 Shock Absorber$19.94
PU/SUV 1973-1991 GM Hydro Shock$27.44
PU/SUV 1988-2000 GM Hydro Shock$27.44
PU/SUV 1988-2000 GM Hydro Shock$27.44
Ram 1/2500 1994-2001 Dodge Front Trailmaster SSV Shock$36.52
Ram 2/3500 1994-2004 Dodge Front Softride Platinum Shock Absorber$61.01
Ramcharger 1974-1993 Dodge Hydro Shock$27.44
Rock Krawler Shock Absorber$31.84
Rock Krawler Shock Absorber$31.84
RS5120 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$24.99
RS5124 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$31.76
RS5126 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$24.99
RS5137 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$31.42
RS5141 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$10.87
RS5159 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$24.99
RS5199 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$24.99
RS5213 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$24.99
RS5214 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$31.42
RS5244 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$31.42
RS5248 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$10.87
RS5256 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$10.87
RS5264 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$36.82
RS5767 Twin-tube Strut Shock Absorber$93.12
RS999227 Triple-tube Shock Absorber$68.01
RSX17044 Twin-tube Shock Absorber$39.43
Sierra/Silverado 2001-2006 GM 6" Shock Hoop Kit$329.99
SJ 1966-1983 Jeep Front/Rear Trailmaster SSV Shock$36.52
Suburban 2007-2008 GM Stock Rancho RSX Shock$36.45
TJ/WJ 1997-2005 Jeep Nitro Shock$31.39
TJ/XJ 1984-2006 Jeep Nitro Shock$30.74
Universal AK7110SB06 7100 Series Shock$129.99
Universal Dirt Logic Billet Resi Clamp - Shock Body to Resi$32.78
Universal Monotube Shock Absorber$68.57
Universal Trailmaster Invader SS Shock$27.35
WJ 1999-2004 Jeep Nitro Shock$26.71
Wrangler 1997-2006 Jeep Stock KYB MonoMax Shocks$53.33
XJ 1984-2001 Jeep w/ 2-3" Lift Rear Aftermarket Shock$52.50
XJ/ZJ 1984-2001 Jeep Trailmaster SSV Shock$36.52
YJ 1987-1995 Jeep Front Trailmaster Invader SS Shock$27.35
YJ 1987-1995 Jeep Rear Trailmaster Invader SS Shock$29.99
YJ 1987-1995 Jeep w/ Spring Over Lift Rear Aftermarket Shock$52.50
YJ Wrangler 1986-1995 Jeep w/ 0-1.5" Lift Rancho RSX Shocks$39.43