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F150 Leveling Kits

Wanting to level your Ford F150?  At Jackit we have a huge selection of leveling kits that will let the front end sit level with the rear.  Designed to install easily, be affordable and effective.  Choose from a large variety of sizes and styles from top brands in the suspension industry.

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    1. 2" 2014-2020 Ford F150 4wd & 2wd Fox Coilover Lift Kit by BDS Suspension
      2" 2014-2020 Ford F150 4wd & 2wd Fox Coilover Lift Kit by BDS Suspension
      BDS Suspension | BDS1553FSL
      Special Price $2,119.21 Regular Price $2,230.75
    2. 2" 2009-2013 Ford F150 4wd & 2wd Fox Coilover Lift Kit by BDS Suspension
      2" 2009-2013 Ford F150 4wd & 2wd Fox Coilover Lift Kit by BDS Suspension
      BDS Suspension | BDS1554FSL
      Special Price $2,119.21 Regular Price $2,230.75

    Why Purchase a Leveling Kit for the Ford F150?

    Leveling kits offer a handful of benefits for F150 owners:

    Aesthetics: A leveling kit helps achieve a more even stance by raising the front end of the truck to match the stock height of the rear. This eliminates the "nose-down" look common in many F150 trucks, providing a more balanced and aggressive appearance. 

    Larger Tires: The increased clearance prevents larger tires from rubbing against the fenders or suspension components. Giving your truck a taller stance and a great look.

    Ground Clearance: Provides a slight increase in ground clearance. This added space can be beneficial when navigating rough terrain or obstacles, enhancing off-road capability.

    Improved Performance: Not all leveling kits will affect suspension performance; this largely depends on the year of the F150. However, models with coilover-type front suspension can see significant improvements in performance by upgrading to shocks by Bilstein, Fox, or Icon Vehicle Dynamics. While technically shock absorbers, these are also considered a leveling kit due to their ability to lift the front end to a level stance.

    Types of Leveling Kits by Year Range

    1980 to 1996 F150 Models

    This generation of F150 trucks is the earliest model for which Jack-it offers a level kit. Equipped with the Twin I-Beam front suspension, which consisted of two independent front axles, each supported by its own set of coil springs and shock absorbers. For these models, extended-length coil springs or coil spacers will provide lift to level the front.

    Types Available:

    • Coil Springs
    • Coil Spring Spacers

    1997 to 2003 F150 Models

    1997 marked the year that the Ford F150 switched to an IFS front suspension utilizing torsion bars to support the front end (4WD Models), while 2WD models use coil springs. Note that 2004 Heritage models also used this same suspension. The only options available for these models are reindexed torsion bar keys or coil spring spacers.

    Types Available:

    • Torsion Bar Keys (4WD Models)
    • Coil Spring Spacers (2WD Models)

    2004 to Current F150 Models

    In 2004, Ford released the first models that employed the now widespread coilover type suspension front end, also referred to as double wishbone. The suspension system incorporates upper and lower control arms that resemble a "wishbone" shape when viewed from the front. The front end is supported by a coil spring that mounts over a shock (also known as a strut) that supports the front end. 

    Many types of leveling kits are available for these models. This includes spacers that mount above the coil/strut. These are an effective, economical method. Other types include adjustable height full coilovers (Bilstein 6112, Fox 2.0 Coilovers, Fox 2.5 Performance Elite or Icon Vehicle 2.5 Dynamics Coilovers) or snap ring / spring seat type shocks (Bilstein 5100 adjustable height & Fox 2.0 Snap Ring) that will improve suspension performance, with some that allow for damping adjustments by simply turning a dial. 

    Types Available:

    • Coil / Strut Spacers
    • Snap Ring / Spring Seat Type Shocks
    • Coilovers 

    F150 Model Kit Compatability

    The leveling kits mentioned above are compatible with most Ford F150 models. However, some models and trim levels can be excluded. 

    Ford Raptor Leveling Kits

    The F150 Raptor model is one of those models. With a factory lift already installed, the Raptor requires a leveling kit designed specifically for it. At Jack-it, we have a complete Raptor leveling kit section. 

    Ford F150 Heritage Leveling Kits

    2004 F150 models can also be tricky. In that year, Ford released their new generation F150, equipped with coil spring/strut suspension. But they also sold the 2004 Heritage edition (same body style as 1997-2003 models). Nearly any parts that fit 1997-2003 will fit the 2004 Heritage models.